Dylan F Willers

Be yourself in an unconventional world Dylan F Willers is a passionate individual who required a website to represent himself and the passion he has for working on the oceans.  Description Dylan required a personal CV but to stand out amongst his peers and competition we decided to build him a Personalised Website. The goal


Roowt the perfect plant studio. Hydroponics made easy. Description A trendy startup focused on changing the world one plant at a time. They create and sell hydroponic plant devices / smart garden for indoor plant production. Easy to grow and healthy to eat produce created by a high tech device for anyone with or without

Angel Body Sculpting

Body flow, body go… All with an Angel like finess. Description Angle Body Sculpting is a body perfect studio which helps people with fat burning and cosmetic sculpting. They provide a superior service by using high end products and qualified staff.  More info Logo only see below. Description The client required a light, to the


Your one stop box subscritpion shop. Get boxed up! Description Subscription boxes are making a move on South Africa. BoxDiggity is here to supply the people some of the most hot diggity dang boxes! They provide subscription boxes to the masses through monthly subscription services. All made possible through dedicated monthly curated boxup teams. More


Nostalgia through handmade, quality products. Description OumaStudio is a craft startup for Ouma’s products and recipes. Created to bring out a bit of nostalgic love for anything Ouma (Granny) related. OumaStudio stands with pride in quality, handmade products and personal connections with clients. More info https://oumastudio.com   Description Creating a brand and website that feels

The Nail Tech

Introducing creativity through quality. Description Small town based nail technician startup. Providing immaculate nail design with superior products.  They strive to become the new standard in the nail salon industry within their town. More info https://www.instagram.com/p/B1gcs4wlCY1/ https://www.instgram.com/thenailtech_youngnails Description The amazing lady behind The Nail Tech has a personality like no other. Creative, business savvy and


Multi-vendor Craft Marketplace. Be Crafty like never before. Description A multi-vendor craft marketplace. TinStand is a jolly Marketplace for everyone to enjoy. All those weekend marketplace stores can be happily found there 24/7. They want to create opportunity for small business owners to show their products to the people of South Africa. More info https://tinstand.com


Explore the future. Today!Be unconventional!! A bit of a disclaimer. We are one of the Growiio Startups.. Good quality design and brand togetherness will be seen throughout.  Description Growiio is an innovative idea generator, startup accelerator and investment company. They strive to induce change in every market and industry in Africa. They push the envelope and


Create, grow and keep on flowering Description DEVELECO is a landscape design company. They design, create and love dream gardens. They believe every person should have a piece of paradise. Their passion is nature and bringing it to life. ​They strive to be environmentally friendly. More info They have since startup ended their business. A hosted version of


Dynamic and creative learning opportunities. Description Nomakanjani training and development aims to provide training and development opportunities for all  individuals and corporate concerns that are in need of skills development. Nomakanjani Training and Development will provide quality and affordable training to all citizens of South Africa. More info https://www.nomakanjani.xyz Description The customer required a bold