Multi-vendor Craft Marketplace. Be Crafty like never before.


A multi-vendor craft marketplace. TinStand is a jolly Marketplace for everyone to enjoy. All those weekend marketplace stores can be happily found there 24/7. They want to create opportunity for small business owners to show their products to the people of South Africa.


A well crafted online marketplace with multi-vendor capabilities was the scope. The style brief was to create a easily operable well manageable and scaleable platform to allow the sales of 100+ products with 30+ vendors.  

The feel of the brand and website needed to portray custom crafted and handmade with a flare of quality and luxury. The biggest challenge was not the feel of the site but the complex and complete back-end admin section of it all. Most of the fun stuff on this site happens behind the scene.


Branding, Design and Web Development


Development Partner

June 2019

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