Nostalgia through handmade, quality products.


OumaStudio is a craft startup for Ouma’s products and recipes. Created to bring out a bit of nostalgic love for anything Ouma (Granny) related. OumaStudio stands with pride in quality, handmade products and personal connections with clients.


Creating a brand and website that feels homey, welcoming and o so nostalgic was the challenge given by the client. 

Ouma Studio required a full online store to be setup with integrated payment functionalities. A unique design to present Ouma’s products in the best possible way was required.

We needed to bring the idea of old style into a modern look and feel. The brand needed to scream quality but also feel personal. This project was absolutely fun filled and love driven. 


Branding, Design and Webdesign

Ouma Studio

Branding and Design Consultant

June 2019

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