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A bit of a disclaimer. We are one of the Growiio Startups..
Good quality design and brand togetherness will be seen throughout. 


Growiio is an innovative idea generator, startup accelerator and investment company. They strive to induce change in every market and industry in Africa. 
They push the envelope and exists to see a better tomorrow, today!

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Check out the Growiio Website 🙂 



Well since we and Growiio are one this was a great project to work on. The idea behind the design is art inspired modernism and inspirational minimalism. 
Okay big word for it needs to look sleek and still be cool everyday of the week. 
The hardest thing during this design was to determine a base feeling for all the websites so that the brand is unified but individual. 

Since Growiio creates new ideas we needed a platform much like this to showcase the current startups and companies but keep it to the point. 


Branding, Design, Marketing, Webdesign, Presentation, Social Media


Digital Department of Growiio

January 2018

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